How To Sign Up For Music Lessons

03.11.2021 15:33

If you’re reading this, then you are probably interested in starting music lessons - YAY! I am so excited that you’re looking into signing up for lessons, so let’s get started! 

Step One: Get Familiar With The Website

First things first - navigate to the website and click “Info” in the navigation bar at the top. In the bottom left corner of this screen, you will see many different types of information that are available on the website. Here’s a quick summary of what you can find in each section: 

Downloads: Calendar Year & Practice Sheets

Payments: Banking Information & Payment Information (such as pricing)

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Lessons

Terms: Media Consent Form & Agreement

Cancellation: Cancellation Policy 

ABRSM Curriculum: More information about the method of teaching that I follow

You will definitely want to take a look at the “Terms” page before moving onto the next step! If you download & sign the two documents within this page (including the media consent form and the lesson agreement form), you will be placed on a boosted section of my wait list (meaning you can start lessons quicker than some of my other wait list students!). 

Step Two: Read, Sign, and Send Contracts

Your next step will be to view the two different contracts in the "Terms" page mentioned before. Read, Download, and Sign these contracts before sending me an email with those contracts attached! Please email these contracts to my email:

Step Three: Create a Family Account

Your second step in this process is to create a Family Account! To find the portal, go onto and look at the top of the screen right next to “Contact” - there should be a small circular design there! Click on this circle, and you will be brought to a login/register screen. 

Now, you’ll register your family! Please input a username, your phone number, your email address, your home address, your family name (or last name), and your location (or city that you live in). Then, you can choose to opt into email notifications by clicking on the box below! Below that space, the terms and conditions are linked. Once you have read these conditions, check the box, and hit Register! 

Your next step will be to set your new password - keep an eye out for an email from Kelsey Hopper Music to confirm your account! 

Step Four: Log Into the Family Portal

Once you have your account created, you can log in through the portal! If you’re lost, go back to the main website ( and click on the circle design to the right of the “Contact” button on the top of the website. 

When you are logged into the portal, feel free to explore for a bit to get familiar with the platform! One good place to start is looking at the Calendar. 

Step Five: Choosing a Time Slot

Whenever you’re ready, click the “Calendar” button on the left panel of the screen. Here, you are able to see all of the open lesson slots that are currently available! You can see whether time slots are available by the green-colored buttons throughout the week’s calendar. 

If you look at the left side of the calendar, you can see the timing that I offer lessons. My earliest lesson starts at 9:30, and my latest lesson possible starts at 19:30. The top bar of the screen refers to the days of the week. I do not offer lessons at the same time every day, so please refer to the different colors on the timesheet to choose your lessons! 

Color Meanings: 

Gray Buttons: I do not offer lessons during that time, or this timeslot has already been booked by another family.  

Green Buttons: I offer lessons during this time, and the slot is AVAILABLE! 

If you see a time slot that works for your schedule, click on the green button that corresponds to your desired lesson time! A popup will appear asking which student/child you are signing up for. Enter your student’s name, and you have successfully signed up for lessons! 

Step Six: Pay for Lessons 

Once you sign up for your time slot, an orange bar with your student’s name will appear on the calendar. To be fully signed up for lessons, you must pay in advance. To do so, navigate to the side bar on the left side of your screen and click “Subscriptions”. 

From here, you will see how much you owe as well as a “Pay Now” button when you scroll down the screen. Read over the terms and conditions linked if you haven’t already, and then hit “Pay Now”. 

You are now able to choose whether to pay via Bank Transfer or another method. You will be transferred to a Stripe checkout page where you can input your information and pay very easily. For some more help, check out the gallery of this blog post which includes screenshots of what each type of payment method looks like!


Once you’ve followed all six steps, you are successfully signed up for lessons with Kelsey Hopper Music! I’m so excited to start teaching you/your student :) 

-Kelsey Hopper