Materials for Music Lessons Guide

07.09.2021 15:32

No matter who your teacher is, it is super important to be prepared for music lessons! This way, you can hit the ground running and learn so much more in the limited period of time your child has with their teacher.

Here’s a little checklist of what I require for my personal lessons, but I have a feeling that many music teachers recommend these same things! 

1. Recommended Method Material (Suzuki books, ABRSM books, etc.)

Your music books are the most important material to bring to your lessons—that way we can read the music! Make sure to bring it every time. Students should write their names inside of their books so they don’t get lost.

2. A device for recording lessons

I recommend parents bring cell phones or iPads to lessons to record video or audio snippets. These can be great learning aids when a student is practicing at home! During our lessons, the parent should hold onto this device to not distract the student.

3. A pencil

It’s very likely that we’ll need to make notes during our lesson. That’s why it’s important to bring a pencil! I don’t recommend pens because the ink is too dark, and it’s impossible to erase them.

4. Water and a snack

To make sure we stay hydrated, aren’t hungry, and are ready to learn, bring your water bottle and a small snack! Some of my favorites are goldfish, granola bars, and apples.

5. A bag for all your materials

Make sure you have a bag to put all these materials in! We don’t want anything getting lost on the way to your lessons.

6. A smile

The last checklist item: a good attitude! Learning to play musical instruments can be super difficult, but staying positive and optimistic is incredibly helpful. So keep that smile on your face!

These six things will help your lesson go as smoothly as possible!

See you in lessons,