How to Take Care of Your Piano

28.11.2021 16:04

How to Take Care of Your Piano

A piano is a complex and delicate instrument. Unlike other string instruments such as violins or guitars, pianos are essentially a piece of machinery composed of many moving parts. Pianos can last a family for several generations, but in order for a piano to stand the test of time the owners must make sure to treat it properly. Here we have prepared for you some useful tips on how to ensure that your piano continues to sound and feel brand new!

 Temperature and humidity control

Pianos will quickly fall out of tune and undergo mechanical changes when subjected to extreme changes in temperature. It’s important to put your piano in a room with stable temperatures and place it away from all heaters, air conditioners, or open fireplaces. We recommend storing your piano in a room that is kept around 20 degrees celsius year round. 

It is also important to ensure that the room is not too dry. A great deal of the function of pianos depends on the movement of wooden parts. The wood needs to maintain a certain level of moisture or else it will become creaky and possibly crack. 


Pianos are a string instrument, meaning that the sounds produced are the product of strings that vibrate at various frequencies with the tautness and width of the strings determining the sound produced. Over time the strings can loosen or tighten depending on the temperature and how the piano is being played, and so it is important to get the piano tuned by a professional in order to maintain a good sound. 

We recommend that you tune your piano twice a year, which will cost about €150 per tuning. 

Cleaning your piano

It is very important to make sure your piano stays clean! This should include frequently dusting the exterior of your piano as well as the keys. For the inside of the piano you should consult your tuner or piano store about getting a professional cleaning done since the interior is quite delicate. For more information on cleaning your piano click here.

Play your piano frequently

Cars that are left in a garage for months on end will inevitably deteriorate when they are finally taken out for a drive. Pianos are the same. If a piano is left to sit and accumulate dust and debris, the mechanics of the instrument will stop working as well. We recommend that you play your piano at least once a week in order to make sure this doesn’t happen!